shogo kikuchi

000000Short biography

196800Born in Osaka, Japan

000000Educational Background:

199300Bachelors Degree, Department of Oil Painting at Aichi 000000Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music

199500Masters Degree, Department of Oil Painting at Tokyo 000000University of the Arts

97-040Sculpture at Düsseldorf Art Academy, Germany, class of Prof. 000000Klaus Rinke

200000Phd in Art at Tokyo University of the Arts

200100“Meisterschüler” from Prof. Klaus Rinke

07-1000part-time teacher for Tokyo University of the Arts

000000Solo exhibitions

199200LOVECOLLECTION Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

199400Gallery Q , Ginza, Tokyo

199400G-Art Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

200200Atelier Hoch2 , Düsseldorf, Germany

200500AKIYAMA GALLERY, Sendagaya, Tokyo

200600AKIYAMA GALLERY, Sendagaya, Tokyo

201200MUSÉE F, Shibuya, Tokyo

201800AKIYAMA GALLERY, Sendagaya, Tokyo

000000Group exhibitions

199400“Hold Artists’ Breath ´94” Gallery Q , Ginza, Tokyo

199500“the Key of the story” the Lord Hosokawa`s castle, Mejiro, Tokyo

199500“Art Camp Hakusyu, Festival ´95” Yamanashi, Japan

199700Art-fair Düsseldorf Messe Düsseldorf, Germany

200000“the Graduation Works of Doctor Course Exhibitions” The University 000000Art Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno, Tokyo

200100“Campus thermal” Centre d´Art Contemporain Pougues-les-Eaux, France

200100four persons exhibitions Villa De Bank, Enschede, Holland

200200“C_O_O_P #1” Le GARAGE, Nancy, France

200300Domotex/Contractworld Messe Hannover, Germany

200300“C_O_O_P #2” Sato Museum, Spica Museum, Tokyo

200500“The shop – a comfortable way to wear Modern Art” the site of a former tailor-shop 000000「GINZA men’」, Ginza, Tokyo

200500“D/J Brand - the burning point of the artists who studied in Germany” The University Art 000000Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno, Tokyo

200600Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial2006 in the Exhibition “Happiness Stone House”, Niigata, Japan

200700“Le Monde de Coco – The world of Coco by Modern Artists” CHANEL NEXUS HALL, Ginza, 000000Tokyo

200700Bank of Japan ~Walking-Museum~ “KINCO” the underground vault of the Old Building in Bank 000000of Japan, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

200800“The House – How to live with the contemporary arts” Nippon Homes Model Houses, Roppongi, 000000Tokyo

200900“PASSAGE 2009 Japan - Korea” KunstDoc Gallery Seoul, Korea

200900“Trait d’union 21 – water boat” Galerie Omotesando Shibuya, Tokyo

200900“A Midsummer Dream ” Chinzan-so Mejiro, Tokyo

200900“Taehwa-river Eco Art Festival ´09” Ulsan, Korea

201100“The Lounge” the Bvlgari Ginza Tower, 8F private lounge, Ginza, Tokyo

201300“Energy for us -from the artists’point of view-” HILLSIDE FORUM, Shibuya, Tokyo

2015003331 ART FAIR -VARIOUS COLLECTORS’PRIZES- 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F main gallery, 000000Kanda, Tokyo

201500DanDans - Une nouvelle génération d’ Venue l Maison de la culture du Japon à 000000Paris,France

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